Kim and Brad's Wedding

by Myrna 5. September 2009 13:25

Fantastic view from Top of the Town, and a fabulous couple!  I was honored to be assisting them in planning their entire wedding for over a year.  Brad and Kim's visions for their wedding came to fruition with DC as their theme,  from table names to chocolate monument favors to this spectacular view.


Color makes the difference!


Susan and Jeff's wedding August 15, 2009

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:21

 Assisting my bride for her Pyebaek ceremony

Planning a wedding with Susan and Jeff was fun.  We only had a few short months to get so much accomplished, and we did!  The evening was simply elegant with silvers and lavendar coloring donning the room with candlelitght aglow. Not only was there the traditional American ceremony, the traditional reception which was fun, but also a traditional Korean Pyebaek ceremony to end the evening.  This ceremony honored both sets of parents, and both Susan and Jeff were dressed in authentic Korean garb.  What wonderful memories they will have a wonderful wedding day.


A little help goes a long way …

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:10

Hello once again! I hope everyone’s summer has been a good one so far.  I’ve been busy doing weddings almost every weekend - I just love seeing so many happy brides and grooms!


One thing I’ve noticed during this last month when talking with brides and grooms is that they were really glad that they utilized the expertise of a planner/coordinator. They have all commented how smoothly their weddings went and how all the little details were taken care of beforehand so they didn’t have to worry about a thing.


A good planner will facilitate and guide you along to your special day.  She or he will not take over, but will offer suggestions to make sure you are getting the best for your money.  If nothing else, have a professional wedding coordinator assist for the last month of the wedding and the wedding day itself.


Sometimes things do go wrong and if there isn’t someone there taking care of these unexpected glitches, on whom will the task fall?  You, the bride, your mom, your bridesmaid? 

At one of my weddings this summer, there was a major glitch in the flowers that had been delivered. Immediately the florist was called and within 20 minutes I had enough centerpieces. On the Monday following the wedding, I met with the florist, went over the faux-pas and the parents ended up with a nice refund.  These are the things that a planner/coordinator does - they personally take care of you.


Enjoy planning for your big day, but don’t ever be afraid of asking for a little assistance … it can go a long way.


Trust your day to the experts

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:09


With wedding season in full swing, there’s an issue I’d like to bring to your attention. Please make sure that, if you are not using the assistance of a wedding planner - who’ll recommend highly skilled professionals within your budget - get good references for ALL of your vendors. Vetted vendors are your best bets. And if you have any doubts at all, it’s worth purchasing wedding insurance, which is now available from many carriers- check it out!

Mini wedding cakes

Mini wedding cakes

On a fun design note … at one of my recent weddings, we used small cakes as the centerpieces instead of florals.  They were minatures of the bride & groom’s cake. And everyone got a chance to be included in the cake cutting ceremony - people were actually paying attention and couldn’t wait until they could cut their cake!

Step out of the planning box a little and do something different - your guests will be talking about it for a long time to come.


It’s All in the Details

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:07

Remember -  breathe and just relax!  There are so many details to consider the last few weeks before your wedding, but with proper planning all will get done in time.


If you do not have a coordinator assisting you during the last few weeks, here’s a tip from me: Have your “to do” list organized way ahead of time. Do a little something each day. Keep a short list and cross things off as you go.  You won’t feel so overwhelmed if you try this.


Here’s some last month items you may need to accomplish:



Order menu cards, seating cards, ceremony programs, favor tags and assemble out of town guest gift bags. Think about how all of these items will get to where they need to be. Prepare your table seating assignments.


Touch base with all your vendors. Keep watch of when final payments are due. If you are not using a coordinator, review your timeline with your reception site coordinator, DJ and photographer. Remember to also contact your transportation company, if using one.  Always ask who the driver will be and get the cell phone number of that person. 



Designate someone to be your take charge person for any other tasks the day of the wedding. It should not  be you, the bride, or the groom! Your simple task the week before the wedding is to have everything checked off on your “to do” list and to enjoy your last week before you take the titles of “Mr” and “Mrs”.


Money Saving “Tips of the Trade” when Planning a Wedding

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:04

Be creative and you can cut your wedding costs. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Wear someone else’s gown. Ask a friend or a family member whose gown you loved, and honor her by asking to wear her gown. Make sure they agree that you can alter it if needed. 
  2. Stretch your flower budget by choosing in season, locally grown flowers.  Have bridesmaids carry a single flower instead of a bouquet. 
  3. Have the wedding on a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon. 
  4. Have the ceremony and reception at one site - save on rentals, decor and transportations. 
  5. Plan a wedding in the winter or in August.  Venues usually have availability  and can offer better prices.  If the wedding is in December, places are already decorated, so you will need less in the way of décor. Plan a Brunch or Dessert only wedding. By being creative with your time and food choices you can keep costs down. 
  6. Serve only wine, beer and soft drinks.  Many couples are opting for a specialty drink instead of liquor. 
  7. Don’t feel that champagne is the only drink to use when making toasts.  The beverage at one’s place at the time is certainly as good to use. 
  8. Order a small cake for the cake cutting and cut a sheet cake for the guests. 
  9. Find placecards that can serve as your favor. 
  10. One place not to skimp - hire vetted vendors who are professional and experienced.


Enjoy planning and make your special day as unique as the two of you while saving some money!


2009 Invitation Trends

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:00
Your paper trousseau, as I like to call it, is an important part of your wedding selection process. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose, so always remember “less is more”.  I tell my clients that if they can readily define what they do not like, and then what appeals to them will become much easier.


The traditional ecru or white paneled border invitation will always remain timeless, but many brides are looking for color.  Hot pinks, yellow and even oranges are popular this year.  Layered invitations or those that are pocketed are still very popular.  The pocketed invitations might be a bit more expensive, but they neatly hold all of the accessory pieces and make a beautiful presentation. Ribbons, monograms and motifs will still be seen in 2009. There are endless possibilities for creating the paper trousseau of your dreams.


A good tip for ordering your ensemble is to order everything you may need at one time.  This can help you save money. Many couples start with save-the-date cards , which can be sent out six to 12 months prior to the wedding. This gives out of town guests a heads up so they can plan their travel.  These can be simple and fun, or formal.


Your invitation will set the tone of the wedding and is the first glimpse of who you are as a couple. You will need an invitation, a response set, a reception card, if the ceremony and reception are in two different locales, with the option of a liner for the envelope and a printed return address. Invitations should be mailed at least eight weeks before the wedding (out of the country invitations should be sent earlier).


The paper trousseau might also include a ceremony program, a menu card, and a seating card, but most important to add to the ensemble is a thank you note, or informal note. These note cards can have your names or monogram and can certainly be used after your are finished with your thank yous. 


Find a retailer that undersands the invitation process so you can receive assistance with wording, fonts and any other pertinent questions you may have.  Most of all, have fun browsing and touching all the fine paper options, and let your invitation express your uniqueness as a couple excited about their wedding!


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