Decor Makes the Difference

by Myrna 28. February 2010 06:31


Many couples decide that they would like a little extra bling of decor to make their wedding reception a bit more elegant.  You do not necessarily have to do a great deal; sometimes a little uplighting can add enough warmth to make everything in the room look romantic and elegant.


Using different size tables makes a difference as well.  Here are a few examples of a wedding I did that took us a little out of the box, and was all about lighting and being different.  It was a fun wedding just like the wonderful couple who got married! Thanks to Tony Brown of Imijination Photography for his excellent images.


Decor Makes a Difference

by Myrna 24. February 2010 09:38

 I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Fox of Capital Decor and Events last evening at The Association of Wedding Professionals monthly meeting. It was held at The Hilton Alexandria Mark Center where we were wined and dined with delicious food and great service.  After cocktails in the Capital View on the 29th floor of the hotel which boasted a wondeful view with it's spiral staircase and quaint space , we went dowstairs for dinner in the Terrace Ballroom.  What a pleasant surprise to see the room decorated with tables and benches for our dining pleasure, compliments of Capital Decor.


Mr. Fox gave us some new ideas and insights into trends of the new year.  "Less is More" is the attitude with simple being the key word.  Furnture  groupings can play a huge part in the design of the room for your wedding, softening the look. Round tables which we are used to, are no longer the norm.  Being creative with tables, tablescapes and lighting can help capture any theme for your reception. Using the same color in different shades and textures instead of two complmentary colors is really a neat idea this year.  Details at each place setting is something you might consider instead of a huge centerpeice on the table.  Sometimes this is more cost effective for you.The one other thing that I was happy to hear about is that feathers are being used again ...what fun they can add to centerpieces and room decor.  Consider them when planning your special day!


Bridal Shows

by Myrna 20. February 2010 16:26

 Wedding season is upon us and so are many bridal shows.  Please join me and meet my colleagues at Stonewall Golf Club's annual Bridal Show tomorrow, Sunday, Feb 21st between 11 and 3pm.  There will be lots to see and learn, so hope to see you there.

 Next Saturday, February 27th, meet with me at Ft. Belvoir's Bridal Fair also from 11 to 2pm.  Many talented wedding vendors will be present with some exciting products and services for your wedding day. Make sure to visit Ron Jones at his photography booth and spin the wheel for many wonderful prizes....even a special prize from Myrna at For All Occasions can be won!


March 7th at Bristow Manor Golf Club is where you can chat with me next. Planning your wedding can be a fun and exciting time...too stressed?  Ask me your questions on how to enjoy the process.  Looking forward to meeting many newly engaged couples!


Wedding Insurance

by Myrna 11. February 2010 08:47

Thank goodness the snow is finally behind us, for now.  I hope you all have kept safe and warm during these last two snow events.

While I had some time without seeing clients this past week, my thoughts rolled over to the topic of wedding insurance.  It is a relatively new idea in the industry, but I do believe that for certain instances , it would be something very important to have.  Case in point, this last storm when so many events had to be canceled and/or postponed. Wedding insurance not only covers the bride and groom, but can also cover the parents of each and some airline flights.

When you have a moment, do some research.  There are several companies that offer wedding insurance, but I would suggest checking out a site at .  This is a company that some of my couples have used. It is better to be safe, than sorry!


Happy Planning..



Read Your Contracts

by Myrna 5. February 2010 10:01

 It is so important to read all of your wedding contracts.  This weekend I was to do a wedding at a hotel in DC. Due to the weather predictions, my couple and I sat down on Wednesday to review all options in the contracts just in case the snow was to become an issue.  Sure enough, it has become an issue, but because we were on top of things, it was easy to postpone the wedding by enforcing a clause called 'Force Majeure'.  Although it is a very sad and disappointing time for my clients, they at least have not lost any monies and can look forward to a spring wedding when the weather will not be an issue to ensure their guests a safe and pleasant day.

Lesson learned, if planning a winter wedding, keep in mind the weather is so unpredictable..who would have thought we could get another 12 to 24 inches of snow, and remember, if you are not using a planner to assist, please read and be familiar with your rights and options in every contract you sign.

 enjoy the snow!



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