Entertaining tips for Newlyweds

by Myrna 30. December 2010 02:57

 See an article which I have written giving a few basic tips for entertaining.  You will be able to view it on the Association  of Wedding Professionals website at www.weddingprofessionals.org

This organization is not only for those of us in the wedding industry, but for couples newly engaged or married.  You can ask questions or read articles that may assist in planning or get ideas on several related subjects.

You can also visit us on facebook and twitter.

 HAve fun reading!

Happy Holidays

by Myrna 26. December 2010 14:07

I hope that all my readers had a wonderful holiday whatever they celebrated, and here's to a wonderful 2011!

We at For All Occasions are taking some time off for the holidays, but will be back with some good wedding tips for those of you who have just gotten engaged or recently married.

Be looking for our next blog post on 2010 in review, and do keep up with us for the latest in weddings for 2011.





Holidaytime Weddings

by Myrna 6. December 2010 03:17


I have had many couples inquire about the pros and cons of having a holidaytime wedding.  I love holiday time and think it is a great time for a wedding! 

Decorations are abundant in most places, which can save you a good deal of decor money.  Now you can have that money to put towards something else to make your wedding day fabulous.

Many venues might have open dates, perhaps a Friday or Sunday, thus there might be savings to be had in rental fees and menu choices.

Having a wedding the week after the Christmas holiday is sometimes the best time of year.  Family members have already traveled to be together, friends might be in town visiting their families, and the best is ,that again, the venues might be willing to negotiate pricing as this is not a typically busy time for them. 

If you decide to do out of town gift bags for your guests, include holiday music or a holiday decoration that they can use in their hotel room to make them know how much you appreciate them being with you during this special time of year.

I have even had couples tie the knot on New Year's Eve followed by a reception in a hotel, and right before midnight, a big screen TV was rolled out into the ballroom, and all the festivities began again, with a new band taking over and everyone partying until the wee hours.  The guests were even sent home with breakfast goodie bags.

Enjoy holidaytime for a wedding with all the music, decorations,  and festivities that go along with this time of year. Take advantage of it all, and have a fabulous wedding day!

Personalizing the Guest Book

by Myrna 6. December 2010 03:05


How many times do you think you will actually open your guest book with signatures after your wedding?  Not many, you say?  I do agree with you...it will be placed in a box and never be looked at again.  However, what if you had the guest book be something special, and it now had more meaning to you?  

A good idea for a guest book would be to not only have each guest find a signature page in a beautiful photo album that you put together of the two of you, but to also have pages in the back of the book designated for each month of the year.  The guest then finds their birth month and places their signature and date of birth on it.  Voila!  You now have everyone's birthday so you can send them a birthday card (can even ask for anniversary date for those already married) and now you will be sure to keep in touch with each guest for years to come.

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