Tips for Couples Sending Invitations

by Myrna 25. February 2011 06:08

It is always amazing to me when seemingly well-educated people don't get why they should RSVP when the invitation clearly requests it. 

 Knowing the total number of expected guests is critical at weddings and other large events because of the costs and deadlines involved in meal planning and preparation.  But even for smaller social events, I lament the fact that people either don't know what RSVP means or worse, choose to ignore it.

 When working with brides, coordinators and planners are expected to know the social "rules" and to help their clients incorporate them into the celebration planning. 

Here are a few criteria to keep in mind:

1. As Emily Post says, "No one is obligated to accept an invitation or to explain their reasons for not accepting.  However, when someone is kind enough to extend an invitation, one should be just as kind and reply to the invitation." Unfortunately, this is not always done.

2. Ask for help.  If you have invited someone to your wedding and have included a reply card with a return by requested date and you still haven't heard back, the best solution is to press bridesmaids or family relatives into helping you contact all those persons who have yet to reply.  A professional planner can also help you in this situation. If a phone call is in order, helpers can say something like this: "Hi __________, this is ____________.  I am calling to make sure that you have received the invitation to ___________ 's wedding.  The bride has not heard from you yet and needs to know if you plan to attend.  The count needs to be in by ____________.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing you."  If you are leaving a voicemail message, add "Please call me back at ______________."

3.  Respond in the same manner that the invitation was issued.

4.  Reply back as soon as possible.  Don't put the invitation in the "to do" pile unless you need to ask the availability of the other person whose name may be on the invitation with yours.  

5.  Keep replies brief.  You don't need to go into great detail about why you cannot attend.  

6.  Remember to number your guest list to match the number on the back corner of the reply card in case the guest forgets to write their name.  This way you can know who is replying!


Happy Planning!


Helping the Groom

by Myrna 16. February 2011 09:04

 Most times when couples hire a wedding planner, the assumption is that it is all about the bride, and that the groom really does not play a major role in any of the planning.  Some even think that the groom does not get payed much attention!  As a wedding planner, I am very intune with my groom's needs and wishes as far as how much they want to be involved in the process or not.

Recently I had the pleasure of going with one of my grooms to be fitted for his tuxedo. He has been involved in much of the planning, so we have gotten to know one another pretty well. He picked out his tuxedo and did ask me for my opinions as to color of vest, tie etc. He mentioned he would like to have a pocket square to match. The gentleman taking care of him, tried his best to place a pocket square into the pocket, but it just did not look as good as it should have looked.  I asked if I could try it, and  then redid the square.  My groom was really liking how it looked.  He ordered everything, and when he was leaving, he said" Boy, you are really a jack of all trades, aren't you?!

As a wedding planner, I believe it is most important to know all aspects of the wedding, especially when it comes to your bride's and groom's needs. It was my pleasure to be of assistance and to be a part of his experience.


So, just for those that need some advice on how a pocket square should be folded, here it is:

1.Lay handkerchief down flat and fold in half. Next, fold in thirds. Now bring the bottom edge up, like you are folding it in half, but stopping about a half an inch from the top. You are now ready to place the  pocket square into your pocket.  Only about a 1/2 an inch of the pocket square should be showing.

You will now feel totally dressed and look your very best for your special day.

Best of luck!

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