"Until Next Time" Party - We'll Miss You Carrie!!

by Jackie 31. August 2011 08:21

A few weeks ago (yes, this post is a little late) the team at FAO Events had to say "Until Next Time" to one of our fellow planners - Carrie. Her hubby got a new job so they are relocating. These are a few of our favorite shots for the get-together we had!


Cute welcome sign for the party!

Carrie is also a florist, so each person got a flower favor.
Mini Cheesecake - YES PLEASE!
Chocolate covered strawberry?! OF COURSE!
Until Next Time Carrie!!

Engagement Customs - Part I

by Jackie 29. August 2011 15:12

Engagements have always been about a time of preparation for the bride and the groom. There is much to be decided – where to live, meet the families and what to select to furnish a new home. While the needs are similar, there are many different cultural customs to help couples make those decisions.

The engagement ring, or betrothal ring, dates back to the dates of marriage by purchase. It served as both a down payment on the bride and a symbol of the honorable intentions of the groom-to-be. In some cultures, the ring came in three parts. The bride-to-be wore one, the groom-to-be wore one and a witness wore the third piece until the wedding day. At the ceremony all three pieces were reassembled on the bride’s finger as her wedding ring.

The bridal shower traces its history back to Holland where – legend has it – a young maiden fell in love with a poor miller. Her father forbade the marriage, thereby denying her the traditional bride’s dowry. So the miller’s friends “showered” her with gifts to help the young couple set up housekeeping.

In many cultures, a matchmaker arranged most weddings. For example, in China, the matchmaker determined if the astrological signs were compatible. In Uganda, the bride’s elder brother and paternal uncle usually spoke to prospective groom and negotiated for the family. While those customs seem strange in America, it might be fun to find a way to honor someone who introduced the couple, or someone who was a very supportive friend with a special place at the wedding, a small gift, corsage, or a thank you toast at the reception.

Need help coming up with a special touch on your wedding? The team at FAO Events - 703.222.5912 - is ready to give you ideas to honor those who have supported you and your fiance!

Til Death Do Us Part...In a Hurricane?!

by Jackie 27. August 2011 07:12

Hopefully all of you on the East Coast are faring well in this weather!!

A special CONGRATS goes out to our couple today...no heavy rain, or wind, or threats of Irene will keep them apart!

As much as we’d all love to think that our wedding day will be perfect, sometimes it doesn’t just work out that way. Rain, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, a heat index of 120 degrees and power outages can and will happen on some occasions.

Extreme weather conditions call for certain concessions sometimes. Moving an outdoor ceremony, getting a tent at the last minute, preparing sand bags for the reception location (just in case of flooding – yes, we’ve had to deal with this before) are all things that could be needed on your big day.

Do you need a dedicated wedding team who will work in any weather condition? Call the team at FAO Events - 703.222.5912 - and we will discuss the details of your big day! We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Invitation Etiquette - Cash or Gift?

by Jackie 24. August 2011 06:55

We at FAO Events specialize in invitations for all events! Our specialists help brides create the wedding invitation of their dreams. They know that the invitation sets the tone for the wedding it announces and as such is an early indicator for the guests as to the type of celebration to which they are invited. Out experts field all sorts of questions and are knowledgeable about the carious paper styles, font types and wording variations that brides are seeking. They are also asked about appropriate wording choices. We know that more and more brides are making selections that blend the historically formal with the contemporary feel of today’s preferences. However, the rule of good taste does still have punch and invitation specialists are being asked if it is ok to ask for gifts of money on the wedding invitations. The answer is a clear and consistent NO!

There is no socially acceptable or tactful way to include in invitation copy the fact that the couple would prefer cash in place of gifts.

This situation is more likely to occur with a couple in their late 20s or early 30s who have been living together for some time prior to the wedding. They tend to have all household necessities and are not inclined to establish a traditional gift registry. They may be planning to buy a house and would prefer cash gifts. This is a worthy preference but the invitation is not the place to spread the word. For that they need to rely on word of mouth. The couple needs to tell their parents, friends, and members of the wedding that when asked about gift preferences, cash is the couple’s preference. But as Emily Post reminds us, “There is no dictating to guests what they must give; it’s their prerogative to choose.”

Our consultants recommend that is you are asked directly what you want for a wedding gift, be polite and say, “We’re saving for a down payment on a house, so if you’d like to give a check, that’s how we would use it. But whatever you decide will be terrific. Thank you for thinking of us.”

Not everyone is comfortable giving cash. They don’t like giving money. They prefer a tangible gift, which is terrific. Since there are guests with this preference, we suggest that brides set up a traditional gift registry too in order to accommodate the guest(s) who might prefer to give something other than cash.

If you'd like to meet with the team at FAO Events to discuss the details of your wedding invitations - give us a call at 703.222.5912! We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Wedding Hair - A Guest Post

by Jackie 22. August 2011 06:14

Award Winning Hair and Makeup Artist , owner of My Mobile Salon, Inc. as Trish Langley has some excellent tips to offer.

Bridal hairstyles need to reflect the brides' personality and personal style. The "natural" days are finally ending as today's bride looks for "more" from her wedding day salon services. More fun, more beauty, and more individuality are what brides are in search of. Theme weddings, elegant receptions, and creative personal touches help originate a "signature touch" for the couples' big day.

Long Hair
If your hair is long and you wear it pulled back most of the time than an elegant Updo would be just the look. Incorporate a detail from your gown into your hair design. Details such as braiding or twisting of fabric can be duplicated into the hairstyle. Or look to the texture of the dress. A soft wispy hairstyle complements a full-skirted tulle gown. A smooth gown of a heavy weight fabric is complemented by a smooth, shiny hairstyle of knots or rolls. Do you wear your long hair down most of the time? Then try wearing some of it up away from your face and leave the rest to cascade around your shoulders. Let few tendrils escape to float around your face; they can be curled or left natural. Having it all down is just too casual for the big day.

Natural curls? Enhance them and work with them; keep your look soft. Straight hair? Don't expect a set to last all day, wear it up. If the curls are pinned in place there will be less worry.

Medium Hair
If your hair is medium in length it can be curled and worn with a sparkly headband or tiara to dress it up. Or simply tuck some hair behind your ears and use one of the very popular decorative hair clips to hold it back. With the help of a talented stylist, your hair can also be worn up.


If your dream is to wear it up and you have a few months grow it out, go for it. Medium hair is versatile; try a few looks with your stylist at least a few months ahead of time. This helps to chart out the growing process.

Short Hair
Believe me there is lots that can be done! Check out the short styles on my website mymobilesalon.com Give some fullness in the crown area and back. Don't curl the front, it won't look like you. Sweep the hair off to the side and save the curls for the back area. Today's "curls" are for creating texture. Many hair products on the market are designed for "texturizing the hair" not necessarily for hold.

Don't touch the curls while they are warm, it will loosen them up too much. Your stylists will use some hair wax and pinch and place the "texture" where you want it! Don't brush them out it will look too poufy, frizzy, and (Horror!) dated!! Top your do with a tiara or a few hair clips and you are ready to go!

Headpieces…my favorite!
Here is the best advice:
• Pick out your wedding gown first
• Decide on your hairstyle second
• Choose the headpiece and veil
I have actually torn apart a headpiece on the bride's wedding day and redesigned it because it did not go with the hairstyle she wanted. The best way of course is to have trial run appointments with your stylist prior to the big day. This way an exchange can be made for a different style headpiece if necessary. Instead look for a detail from the gown you would like to enhance and find a headpiece that complements. It may be pearls, a flower detail, or the trim. Or match the flowers in your bouquet.

If you are finding that the headpieces seem to big, look at what is offered for first communion headpieces and ask the bridal salon to add a longer veil.

Second Marriage?
Having a veil is fine if you want one, but you may want to skip the blusher.. A beautiful tiara is perfect or ornaments for your hairstyle. Try a feather, or the birdcage..they are coming back!

New Trend!!
Ornament your hairstyle! Look in the bridal section at the bridal shop for fun finds! There are also many beautiful decorative hair sticks, barrettes and bobby pins to add to your hairstyle! Simply attach a comb with netting to cascade down the back of the hairstyle, i.e. (easily removable at the reception.)

Remember…Smile its your day☺


America's Royal Wedding

by Jackie 21. August 2011 06:03

A big Congratulations goes out to Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries, who tied the knot last night! Everyone at FAO Events sends our best to he newly weds!


(Getty Image)


Beach Trip Essentials

by Jackie 10. August 2011 11:27

  If you find yourself lucky enough to be heading to a tropical location for your honeymoon - below is must-have list of beach essentials!

Nothing like this cute bathing suite from Swimwear 360 to sunbathe
Matching Tory Burch flip flops?? YES, please!

  A sexy cover-up from In Style Swimwear for walking down the beach


  Top it off with a pair of "Milly" sunglasses from Coach 


Need some assistance with your honeymoon planning? The team at FAO Events - 703.222.5912 - can help make sense of your options. We can advise where to go during what time of the year and help ensure your honeymoon is a relaxing forst trip as Mr. and Mrs.!

New Wedding Traditions

by Myrna 8. August 2011 11:54

 Traditions should be incorporated into your wedding in some shape or fashion. However, it is always nice to create your version of "new traditions".

 A favorite idea for those brides who are marrying for a 2nd time : Families are now being blended and the total amount of children or grandchildren might be  too many for each person to have a role in the ceremony . Tryiing to figure out who should take part in the ceremony is difficult, so the solution is to have the bride walk down the aisle alone carrying an empty basket.  As she walks down the aisle each child or grandchild holds a flower which they place in the basket as she passes their seat.  When the bride reaches her groom at the altar, she now has a basket filled with not only flowers,  but with love from everyone in their new combined family.

At one recent wedding, the formal, traditional wedding photographs were taken before the ceremony, but the couple arranged for an artist to attend and sketch various scenes from the ceremony and reception.  Simple pen and ink versions of the wedding brought back wonderful memories, were given to the parents as gifts, and it  was also  a fun activity for guests at the wedding to witness.

 Whatever the "new tradition" is that you incorporate into your wedding, have fun with it and make it memorable.

Our team of experienced consultants can assist in helping you find or create the tradition or traditions that express what is important to you at your wedding.  Being creative and stepping out of the box, is what we at FAO Events like to do, so  call upon us at 703-222-5912 to collaborate on some good "traditional " ideas!

I DO - Carrie and Carlos - May 14, 2011

by Jackie 4. August 2011 03:23

We just love when the details come together JUST right!! Below are just a few pictures of our favorite details from Carrie and Carlos' wedding back in May - courtesy of Kate Triano Photography...the custom tables for dinner and a stunning dress and just a few of the things that made this weddng truly unique...enjoy!!


A Second Monarch Wedding

by Jackie 2. August 2011 05:55

Queen Elizabeth's eldest granddaughter - Zara - was married this past Saturday, July 30, to England rugby player, Mike Tindall. Zara was a beautiful bride and the couple is really glowing. All of us here at FAO Events wish Zara and Mike a lifetime of happiness!


(REUTERS - Russell Cheyne)


(Getty Images)


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