Does the Tuxedo Fit?

by Myrna 14. May 2012 11:00

Many of my clients ask for advice about ordering their tuxedos, or when a tuxedo might be appropriate to wear. My simple answer to the groom is that a tuxedo adds formality to any wedding, and that he should be comfortable in dressing up for his special day. He should stand out as the groom, and he sets the tone for the other men's apparrel.

If someone owns their own tuxedo, they will be glad to get use from it one more time.  For those that must rent one i.e. the groomsmen , here are a few basic tips to insure that everyone is fitting into their wedding attire.

First, chose a reputable formalwear dealer , and work closely with that specialist to insure that the style of the tuxedo chosen for the groom and the groomsmen will make all the men look their best as well as coordinate with the bride's party.

Once the style is chosen, the groom and the best man should take an active role to make sure all the other male wedding party members get to be fitted well in advance of the wedding date. The formalwear specialist will be taking measurements , but a bit of information about  sizing men's suits might come in handy.

For the jacket- A man should be able to fit his hand between his chest and the front of the jacket when it is buttoned. Back vents should lie flat. The coat should allow free movement of the arms.It shoudl fall smoothly across one's back and should not bunch up across the shoulders when the arms move forward.

Jacket length- for most, the bottom of the jacket should reach the curl of the fingers when the arms are held straight down at their sides. This allows the shirt cuff to show 1 inch.

The trousers should sit at the waist and should allow one finger fitting in the waistband. They should be hemmed so that they break as they rest at the top of the shoe, and in the back to just the top of the heel of the shoe. Most formal trousers are not cuffed.

If wearing a vest, it should button comfortably across the chest, and the vest buttons should line up with the front of the jacket and overlap the waistband on the trousers.

 Men, enjoy shopping for your wedding attire.  There are so mnay choices of colors, accessories, ties, and vests. Have fun matching the bridal attire, and when in doubt call us at FAO events to assist!

Happy Planning!


Thanks ,Virginia Living Magazine

by Myrna 8. May 2012 08:03

 I am proud to announce that we have been named Best of Virginia 2012 in the Wedding Planners category of Virginia Living Magazine.  We want to thank all the readers who voted for us and we are very honored to receive this award.  See this month's copy of Virginia Living Magazine to read all about the other winners.  Congratulations to all.

Are Plus-ones on the Guest List?

by Myrna 4. May 2012 02:19

 This is a question that I often get asked, and one that might hold a different answer for each couple. Here are a few pointers when it comes to your plus-ones on the guest list.


As if brides do not have enough to worry about...along comes the task of actually compiling the guest list for the big event. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

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Remember all of those people that you want to invite who are unmarried? You are going to have to figure out if it is acceptable for them to bring dates to the wedding. This is a tricky situation for a few reasons.
1. Nobody likes to go to weddings alone (OK maybe those guys in the Wedding Crashers movie, but not most people).
2. If you have a lot of single friends, giving them ALL the green light to bring dates could substantially impact your wedding costs and pack your special day with strangers.
So...what to do? The trick here is to come up with rules and actually stick to them. Maybe you realize that you only have ten single guests. Perhaps it is fine if they all bring dates.
If you have 40 single guests, maybe decide that fiancees are welcome, but casual boyfriends and girlfriends are not. Or decide that if the couple lives together, they should both be invited.
Do what is best for you and comfortable for your budget, but don't make exceptions to your rule. Doing this is offensive to the guests who comply with your wishes!
OK...there should be just one exception. If a member of the wedding party is single, he or she should always be allowed to bring a date. Members of the wedding party usually do a lot for the bride and groom in the months leading up to the wedding, so it is only appropriate to allow them to bring a guest!


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