Online Gift Registries

by Myrna 15. June 2012 04:36

 While the bulk of gift registeries are still run through the big box stores, there is a growing segment of the bridal population that is now leaning towards on line communication. Although always thought a bit "tacky", on line gift registeries have proven to be a real advantage to couples and their guests.

It is easy to build an on line registry. Guests find it easy to shop from their homes or even their phones, especially if they are from out of town. You can select registry items  from local stores and then list them on your e-registry.  You can also list you e-registry on national sites like the or, if your local store has a partnership with them.

Once registered you can log on at anytime to add, delete, or change your preferences. You also can see what has been purchased for you. There are also sites that specialize in non-traditional gift registries such as that is for stocks and or mutual funds that someone might want to start for you. There are also honeymoon registries and even sites that allow you to register for monetary gifts.

Whichever method you choose for your gift registries, remember that under no circumstances should those sites be anywhere in your invitations. Members of your bridal party and family can spread the word about your registry preferences.

One important thing to remember is that although gift registries now include non traditional items, gifts for a lifetime are remembered the most!

For more registiry ideas, you can always contact us here at FAO events.

Happy Gift SearchingSmile

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