A Beautiful Waterfront Venue

by Myrna 12. September 2013 05:11

Although it is now September we cannot forget our last August wedding. On beautifully hot summer day our couple took was able to take beautiful photos on the Washington Harbor, prior to their ceremony and reception at Sequoia.  The tall ceiling providided natural light and brought the outdoors inside, enhancing the beauty of their cermony site. Being at a restaurant did not limit our possibilities of beautiful decor and design ideas. There might be some limitations at a restaurant weddng, but with the ideal restaurant and planning staff, turnover into the reception happens quickly. Voila, a enchanted setting is thus created.

Our couple enjoyed a five hour party, with good food in two cocktail reception areas plus a seated dinner and dancing. The couple's personal touches were added to the evening, ending with a interactive popcorn display. 

Our planning staff helped to avoid some of the typical pitfalls of a restaurant wedding by keeping restaurant guests away from the private party, thus allowing the bride and groom a stress-free, fun wedding. For more ideas on how to have a wonderful restaurant reception for your next party, get in touch with us at For All Ocaasions. Happy planning.   



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