Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

by Myrna 18. October 2013 05:21

So many of our potential clients come to meet with us with a preconceived notion that the venue catering manager will be "doing everything " for them the day of the wedding.

I must say to the contrary, this is just not the case! Yes, many of the venue catering managers, aka coordinators, will be able to help provide space for you to dress if ceremony is at the venue, they will help you line up for the processional, they will make sure that all the food and beverage is available as planned, but will they be the one meeting with you several times before the wedding for detail meetings, will they be the one spending hours on the phone  coordinating all of your vendors, will they be the one going with you to the church if the ceremony is off site making sure that all goes smoothly there, will they be the one to make sure all the important family members are present in the room when the cake is being cut, will they be the one staying until the wedding is over and placing your gifts into the car, will they be the one handling the bus or shuttle for guests?  These are but a few of the many things a private wedding planner will be doing for you the day of the wedding, plus much more..

Before ruling out the idea of hiring a professional wedding planner/coordinator, be opened minded and meet with a few professionals to gather all the necessary information which will have a big impact on your special day.  You and your family deserve to be able to relax and just have a glorious day with a professional taking care of the "what-ifs" and the unexpected. We watch over you to make sure your day runs smoothly and is exactly as you have planned.


Happy Planning!

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