New Trends for 2014

by Myrna 3. January 2014 05:01

Happy New Year to all our readers. It is hard to believe that another wedding season has come to a close, and now we are about to embark on a new wedding season for so many wonderful clients.

I thought I would share part of a segment seen yesterday on the Today Show talking about upcoming wedding trends for this season's couples. Some really, in my opinion, are carry overs from last year where we saw more color being incorporated into the groom's attire. This year, again, more color in choices of shirts and ties are being used. For the formal wedding, a single button tux is being sought after; a slimmer and more elegant look worn with a long tie and a  tie clip.

For the bride, jewels are still in, but have taken a new twist by being part of a bolero type jacket worn over the shoulders, and it can be removed at anytime during the wedding reception. The gown in this case is very simple with the jewels being quite ornate.You still will find those gowns with many beads and jewels on the bodice of the gown being sought after.

For an afternoon wedding, the bride might be in a two piece ensemble. Skirts are ruffled and fluffy and the tops are quite plain. They even can be worn over again with a ncie black skirt. It is a more casual look, yet very simple and elegant at the same time, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Tablescapes will be seeing the jewel tones this year with a tone on tone effect. More is actually going to be the mantra this year, not less is more! If you are using blue tones, for instance, you might use navy  cloths with a lighter blue runner, blue candles, blues in your floral arrangements, and even the bling on the table should be in shades of blue.

Whatever your vision is for your special day, do not be afraid to go with it. Trends or no trends, it is your day, so do it your way. There is no right or wrong.

For assistance with more ideas, FAO Events is here to help at any time.

Happy Planning!

Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

by Myrna 18. October 2013 05:21

So many of our potential clients come to meet with us with a preconceived notion that the venue catering manager will be "doing everything " for them the day of the wedding.

I must say to the contrary, this is just not the case! Yes, many of the venue catering managers, aka coordinators, will be able to help provide space for you to dress if ceremony is at the venue, they will help you line up for the processional, they will make sure that all the food and beverage is available as planned, but will they be the one meeting with you several times before the wedding for detail meetings, will they be the one spending hours on the phone  coordinating all of your vendors, will they be the one going with you to the church if the ceremony is off site making sure that all goes smoothly there, will they be the one to make sure all the important family members are present in the room when the cake is being cut, will they be the one staying until the wedding is over and placing your gifts into the car, will they be the one handling the bus or shuttle for guests?  These are but a few of the many things a private wedding planner will be doing for you the day of the wedding, plus much more..

Before ruling out the idea of hiring a professional wedding planner/coordinator, be opened minded and meet with a few professionals to gather all the necessary information which will have a big impact on your special day.  You and your family deserve to be able to relax and just have a glorious day with a professional taking care of the "what-ifs" and the unexpected. We watch over you to make sure your day runs smoothly and is exactly as you have planned.


Happy Planning!

There is NO Off Season

by Myrna 16. November 2012 15:44

Wedding season is technically over for us at FAO, but in reality, wedding season never ends!  Several clients ask me what happens to the wedding planners come December after the peak of wedding season dies down. My answer always is" there are always people getting married who may need assistance from a planner, no matter what the season.

In the past few weeks I have received several inquiries for weddings for the winter months as well as for the peak seasonal months of May, June, September and October. Many couples look to the winter months because they can get the venue that they want more easily,  and many times they receive better prices. Wedding venues tend not to be busiest in the months of January, February and March.  Same is true with most vendors.

So, if you are one of the lucky couples who will be getting engaged this holiday season, and you do not want a long engagement, there will be opportunities for you to have a great wedding during the winter months if your first choice venue is already booked for the height of the wedding season.

Remember, it is always a good idea to seek the assistance of a planner right from the beginning of your planning to avoid costly mistakes. Call us for your complimentary consultation!

Happy Planning.....

Wedding Consultants are Necessary Advocates

by 10. August 2012 06:30

 I must share a conversation that I had with a bride-to -be just this morning.  She called to see if I would be available to coordinate her wedding which is less than 1 month from now. I asked why she waited this long to want to hire someone, and she went on to tell me that her venue adamantly told her mother at the first meeting,"You do not need anyone helping you; we do it all."

This particular bride, although very busy, planned the wedding , found vendors with the use of social media, and friend's experiences, but now, when it is time for all the little details, she called the venue"coordinator" and asked her to assist in something.  Guess what she was told.  "Oh, we don't do that for you." This young lady is now angry and devastated that she has no assistance at a crucial point in the planning process.  

Why some venues are intimadated by planners, is the biggest question . We are available to lend a hand, give assistance, and we take care of all the what-ifs and the unexpected.  We are an asset to any venue. They take care of their venue.  Yes, they will help the bride get down the aisle, but they will not be their personal advocctae the entire day until that last gift is in the car at the end of the evening.  They will not coordinate all your vendors.  They do not know every little detail about family dynamics or how to troubleshoot problems for you, like your own planner/coordinator will do without you even knowing about it. 

 Please, if nothing else when starting in the planning process for the biggest day in your life, talk to a planner. Most planners do offer complimentary consultatons so you can learn what they do compared to what a venue coordinator says they will be able to do for you.

Make your planning experience a good one and have peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your wedding day because you have someone there to be your personal advocate.


Best wishes!



Thanks ,Virginia Living Magazine

by Myrna 8. May 2012 08:03

 I am proud to announce that we have been named Best of Virginia 2012 in the Wedding Planners category of Virginia Living Magazine.  We want to thank all the readers who voted for us and we are very honored to receive this award.  See this month's copy of Virginia Living Magazine to read all about the other winners.  Congratulations to all.

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