Busy Wedding Season

by Myrna 7. October 2012 10:31

I cannot believe that I have not posted to my blog in close to two months now.  Wedding season is in full swing this fall and it has kept me captured in meetings, detail after detail, and wedding weekends.

I hope that all of you who are thinking about a wedding date for next year realize that September, October, and even November, are the new June for weddings. So, start your planning early as the best of the best get booked very early on.  If you are looking to save a bit of money, the best months to perhaps be able to do better with negotiations , would be the winter months, especially March, and in the summer July and August when it is extremely hot.  If you are not considering an outdoor wedding, then summer can be an ideal time for a wedding.

 Whatever date you might decide upon, set your budget, and try to stick to it!  Be practical and you will be able to have wonderful wedding planning experience.

 Remember, that we offer complimentary consultations, so do not hesitate to call 703-222-5912  or email us at mg@fao-events.com. We look forward to being able to assist in your planning needs.

Happy Planning!

Are Plus-ones on the Guest List?

by Myrna 4. May 2012 02:19

 This is a question that I often get asked, and one that might hold a different answer for each couple. Here are a few pointers when it comes to your plus-ones on the guest list.


As if brides do not have enough to worry about...along comes the task of actually compiling the guest list for the big event. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

Photo from differentwedding.com.
Remember all of those people that you want to invite who are unmarried? You are going to have to figure out if it is acceptable for them to bring dates to the wedding. This is a tricky situation for a few reasons.
1. Nobody likes to go to weddings alone (OK maybe those guys in the Wedding Crashers movie, but not most people).
2. If you have a lot of single friends, giving them ALL the green light to bring dates could substantially impact your wedding costs and pack your special day with strangers.
So...what to do? The trick here is to come up with rules and actually stick to them. Maybe you realize that you only have ten single guests. Perhaps it is fine if they all bring dates.
If you have 40 single guests, maybe decide that fiancees are welcome, but casual boyfriends and girlfriends are not. Or decide that if the couple lives together, they should both be invited.
Do what is best for you and comfortable for your budget, but don't make exceptions to your rule. Doing this is offensive to the guests who comply with your wishes!
OK...there should be just one exception. If a member of the wedding party is single, he or she should always be allowed to bring a date. Members of the wedding party usually do a lot for the bride and groom in the months leading up to the wedding, so it is only appropriate to allow them to bring a guest!


Just Got Engaged?

by Myrna 11. January 2012 09:15

 Welcome to 2012!  For some of you the December holidays brought a proposal...congratulations! So now that you are engaged, the planning must begin.  Please remember to sit back, relax and enjoy your engagement for awhile before diving into your planning. Have numerous discussions with your soon to be bride or groom about what tpe of wedding you plan on having.  What is important when it comes to  your wedding?  Will it be large or small, in a winery or in a hotel ballroom?  Planning a wedding takes lots of energy, fact finding and time, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Enjoy getting used to the word "engaged", and enjoy this next chapter in your life.

If you need assistance when it is time to plan the wedding, then call upon the team at FAO.  We are here to help in any capacity, whether to just answer some budgeting questions or to find you the perfect venue..  We offer full or partial planning as well; it is your wedding, but we can take the stress away from you, and we have the dedicated hours  to make it happen. Give us a call  or send us an email.  You can read some reviews about us on  www.weddingwire.com where we were awarded the 2012 Bridal Choice Award for the 4th year in a row, thanks to all of our wonderful past clients.


Happy planningSmile

Mens Wedding Attire

by Myrna 15. October 2011 09:40

 So otften wedding notes and blogs have pointers for the brides, but today, let's consider the groom and his wedding party.

It is a fact that most men would prefer to dress in casual style clothing most of the time, but , boy, do they look handsome when donning a tuxedo!

 While traditional rules are followed as guidelines, there are many options to accommodate personal preference in the area of men's formalwear.

One of the most noticeable is the increase of color as an accent. color is incorporated into the cummmerbunds, ties, pocket squares, to most times coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Remember, medium or darker colors are fine anytime, but are more appropriate during the evening or in the winter months.Tails are proper anytime, but, are most commonly worn by the groom only, rather than the entire wedding party. Light color linen suits are certainly appropriate for a summer wedding, whereas, if there is a beach themed wedding, many grooms will only be in kacky pants and a beach type shirt. To assure that guests come properly attired on your special  day, make sure that on the reception card of the invitation ensemble you send the message "Black tie optional or invited"

This offers your guests a guideline as to what dress code is really expected. Those men that own a tux will be glad to have the opportunity to wear it again, and the others will know they must be in a suit, not in jeans.   


For more information or assistance in selection of mens attire for a wedding, call us at For All Occasions Wedding Planning and more....          

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