Rain Does Not Dampen Your Wedding Day

by Myrna 21. May 2013 04:27



Rainy weather has dampened many of my couple's spirits on their spring wedding day. I always tell them, not to be upset; rain means good luck is upon them!

Weather can not be predicted, but if you are planning an outdoor wedding during spring or summer, please remember to have an indoor back-up plan.  It is so important, and will save you from anxiety!

Also, the best photos are captured when the lighting is dinmmer such as on a rainy or cloudy day.  One of my past clients had the best photo ever during Hurricane Irene a few years ago. At the end of the wedding, they were good spirited and went outside, got soaked, ruined their clothing, but took the most awesome picture under a clear umbrella.!

So, go with the flow; do not stress over a rainy wedding day, and just enjoy the moment and all the wonderful moments that can be captured.

Thanks to Daniel McGarrity Photography for these images.

Wedding Dont's

by Myrna 1. December 2012 10:13

There are so many details, rules  and wedding planning can become overwhelming. If things are kept in perspective and you have a relaxed attitude, everything will get done in a timely manner and you will have a very beautiful wedding.  It certianly is the biggest party you will ever plan, so make it uniquely yours. Remember, if you can sidestep some of these no-nos that we planners often suggest to our clients to avoid, then your planning will be a happy time.

You cannot be a superbride; you are only one person and you must accept the fact that you cannot and should not try to do it all and expect to be sane on your wedding day! You obviously will make most of the major decisions needing to be made, but don't get caught up in the minute details that demand your attention every waking hour. Don't brush away offers of help. If people offer to help, accept their offers Of course hiring a wedding planner to take care of the legion of details is a very wise move.

Do not have a cash bar! You have invited people to your party, so do not ask them to pay for their refreshments. There are many ways to watch your bar expenditures; You do not have to have top shelf brands, you can serve a specialty cocktail and offer only beer and wine. You can choose to have an open bar just for an hour and then serve wine at dinner. Always have soft beverages and juices available.

Gift registries are wonderful to have, but do not include the information about them on your invitations. Giving a wedding gift is not mandatroy, although most guests will send or bring a gift. The best way to let people know about the registry is word of mouth through your parents or bridal party, and you can always mention it if you have a wedding website.

Remember to be a friend to your brdiesmaids and not their boss. Their official function is to witness the solemn event at which you take your marriage vosw. They stand up for you, so try and take the "maid" portion out of their title. Of course they are willing to help  , but watch the demands you make on their time and pocketbooks. Let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to be part of your special day.

These are but a few of the Dont's to keep in mind while planning your big day.  Call us at FAO if you have questions about other areas where you might not be sure of how to act or what to do.  We would be happy to assist you.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Consultants are Necessary Advocates

by 10. August 2012 06:30

 I must share a conversation that I had with a bride-to -be just this morning.  She called to see if I would be available to coordinate her wedding which is less than 1 month from now. I asked why she waited this long to want to hire someone, and she went on to tell me that her venue adamantly told her mother at the first meeting,"You do not need anyone helping you; we do it all."

This particular bride, although very busy, planned the wedding , found vendors with the use of social media, and friend's experiences, but now, when it is time for all the little details, she called the venue"coordinator" and asked her to assist in something.  Guess what she was told.  "Oh, we don't do that for you." This young lady is now angry and devastated that she has no assistance at a crucial point in the planning process.  

Why some venues are intimadated by planners, is the biggest question . We are available to lend a hand, give assistance, and we take care of all the what-ifs and the unexpected.  We are an asset to any venue. They take care of their venue.  Yes, they will help the bride get down the aisle, but they will not be their personal advocctae the entire day until that last gift is in the car at the end of the evening.  They will not coordinate all your vendors.  They do not know every little detail about family dynamics or how to troubleshoot problems for you, like your own planner/coordinator will do without you even knowing about it. 

 Please, if nothing else when starting in the planning process for the biggest day in your life, talk to a planner. Most planners do offer complimentary consultatons so you can learn what they do compared to what a venue coordinator says they will be able to do for you.

Make your planning experience a good one and have peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your wedding day because you have someone there to be your personal advocate.


Best wishes!



Beach Trip Essentials

by Jackie 10. August 2011 11:27

  If you find yourself lucky enough to be heading to a tropical location for your honeymoon - below is must-have list of beach essentials!

Nothing like this cute bathing suite from Swimwear 360 to sunbathe
Matching Tory Burch flip flops?? YES, please!

  A sexy cover-up from In Style Swimwear for walking down the beach


  Top it off with a pair of "Milly" sunglasses from Coach 


Need some assistance with your honeymoon planning? The team at FAO Events - 703.222.5912 - can help make sense of your options. We can advise where to go during what time of the year and help ensure your honeymoon is a relaxing forst trip as Mr. and Mrs.!

I DO - Carrie and Carlos - May 14, 2011

by Jackie 4. August 2011 03:23

We just love when the details come together JUST right!! Below are just a few pictures of our favorite details from Carrie and Carlos' wedding back in May - courtesy of Kate Triano Photography...the custom tables for dinner and a stunning dress and just a few of the things that made this weddng truly unique...enjoy!!


Creative Photography

by Jackie 9. June 2011 08:20

When it comes to hiring a photographer, be sure to make your decision sooner as opposed to later. A good photographer is essential to capturing your wedding day. If you've heard the expression, "You can only make one first impression," then you can understand the need for excellent pictures. When you interview potential photographers, be sure to ask for examples from previous weddings. Certain photographers usually specialize in one type of photography.

If you want someone who isn't going to get in the way of you or your guests - then you should look for a photographer who specializes in photojournalism. These photographers are most likely to make cxreative use of the architecture and surroundings at your wedding and reception locations. They are very skilled at using outdoor lighting - sun, clouds, rain - to their advantage and making the most of any opportunity they see. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want group photos with all of your immediate family, your extended family, your sorority sisters from college, your husband's fraternity brothers, your best friends from childhood...AND a picture of you with each one of them...individually...in the time span of an hour...then you really need to find a photographer who specializes in portraiture. These photographers can bring backdrops, lighting and can get family members in-and-out in a flash (no pun intended...ok, well, maybe it was).

If you're having trouble finding just the right photographer, call us here at FAO Events at 703.222.5912 and we can point you in the right direction. In our many years of experience, we have a number of photographers who will fit your style, personality and most importantly - your budget!! We can't wait to hear from you!


                                               ( (c) Timmester Photography)

Are You Recently Engaged?

by 4. January 2011 07:55

 Holiday time is always a good time for people in love to get engaged.  Were you one of the lucky ones this year?  If so, congratulations!!!! 

Now that you have digested the fact that you are going to be married to this wonderful person, how do you go about the process of planning a wedding?

What a good question, and so many more will be popping into your heads right about now.  What about a budget?  Do we want a large or small wedding?  Where will be the perfect place for us?

This is where we at For All Occasions can provide expertise in assisting you through the crazy maize of the wedding industry.  You can ask friends and relatives for suggestions and help, but when using a vetted professional, everything is not a tedious chore; things are made simple so you can enjoy the planning process and get results that will make you happy.  We can assist in helping create your budget, suggest venues based on your needs and likes, all the way to assisting in the complete wedding planning, or coordinating all the details you plan.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life.  When you are ready to begin the planning, check us out..we are always here to guide you towards your very special day.


Happy Planning!

Entertaining tips for Newlyweds

by Myrna 30. December 2010 02:57

 See an article which I have written giving a few basic tips for entertaining.  You will be able to view it on the Association  of Wedding Professionals website at www.weddingprofessionals.org

This organization is not only for those of us in the wedding industry, but for couples newly engaged or married.  You can ask questions or read articles that may assist in planning or get ideas on several related subjects.

You can also visit us on facebook and twitter.

 HAve fun reading!

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