It’s All in the Details

by Myrna 5. September 2009 05:07

Remember -  breathe and just relax!  There are so many details to consider the last few weeks before your wedding, but with proper planning all will get done in time.


If you do not have a coordinator assisting you during the last few weeks, here’s a tip from me: Have your “to do” list organized way ahead of time. Do a little something each day. Keep a short list and cross things off as you go.  You won’t feel so overwhelmed if you try this.


Here’s some last month items you may need to accomplish:



Order menu cards, seating cards, ceremony programs, favor tags and assemble out of town guest gift bags. Think about how all of these items will get to where they need to be. Prepare your table seating assignments.


Touch base with all your vendors. Keep watch of when final payments are due. If you are not using a coordinator, review your timeline with your reception site coordinator, DJ and photographer. Remember to also contact your transportation company, if using one.  Always ask who the driver will be and get the cell phone number of that person. 



Designate someone to be your take charge person for any other tasks the day of the wedding. It should not  be you, the bride, or the groom! Your simple task the week before the wedding is to have everything checked off on your “to do” list and to enjoy your last week before you take the titles of “Mr” and “Mrs”.


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