Bridal registries

by Myrna 6. November 2009 03:28

Hi all,

I was at a bridal fair the other evening and while speaking to newly engaged couples, many questions about a bridal registry popped up.  So, indulge me for a few minutes and read on about some of the questions asked:

Should I register both online and in a store?

My answer is definitely, yes!  Registries online can be a big time saver for your guests, plus you can log on at anytime to add or delete items.  Be sure to put your preferences in several retail locations as well.   Selct one national chain if you have guests from out of state. You might select one high-end store, and one less expensive retailer. Please, do not be afraid to put items on the registry that might be a bit more expensive.  Many times relatives like to share in a larger gift for something they know you will not be readily able to go out and purchase for yourself. For instance, Bone China may not be something you see yourselves using right away, but believe me, you will want to have it, and it can be used all of the time; it is not as fragile as one may think!

How do I let guests know where I am registered?

Leave that to your wedding website or to your wedding party or others to spread the word about your gift registry preferences.  It is not appropriate at all to include registry information in any kind of invitation that is sent.

Do I need to register at all; it makes me feel uncomfortable?

Remember, invited guests will want to bring or send something to help you celebrate your marriage, so bringing a gift that they know the bride and groom will cherish makes the effort even more special. Think of it this way; the registry process is a gentle way of assisting guests to do what they are going to do anyway.

Some couples are even including information about a favorite charity and will indicate on their wedding website if they prefer gifts to that charity in their name.

My suggestion is to enjoy the resgistry process together, and when using  all those wonderful gifts, I guarentee you will be so happy you did a registry.


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