Trying on Gowns

by Myrna 29. December 2009 16:06

After shopping for gowns with one of my 2010 brides, I want to pass along a bit of advice.  Do keep an open mind when looking for that special gown.  You never know what that gown might look like on you, even though it might not have hangar appeal.   This is the advice I gave to my client, and I am so happy she took the advice.  She tried on what she thought she wanted for her special day, and then tried on those gowns that she wasn't quite sure about.  Each gown looked beautiful on her, and with each one I asked,"what are you thinking?" she answered "I like it".  I wasn't convinced that she had found the "right" one yet.  It wasn't until she tried on a gown that was totally different than she had thought she wanted, that I heard "This one is amazing".

So, keep an open mind when gown shoppin.   Have fun with it until you find the one that absolutely talks to you!


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