A Staged Wedding

by Myrna 30. December 2009 11:15

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with a group of colleagues in The Bliss Collection. We are a group of professional wedding vendors covering each facit of the wedding industry.  All of us don't always have the opportunity to work together, so we decided to put together a wedding with each of us doing our part, and then new clients can see what team effort can afford them.  When trusting your wedding details to vendors that are used to working together, the results are just fantastic.

I asked one of my former clients if they would play "bride and groom" again (they were already married 1 year), and they were thrilled to help out.  I collaborated with the other wedding planners in the group and we came up with the type of wedding we wanted to have portrayed, then each vendor contributed their share of expertise.  We all had so much fun with the day.

To see the video done by Jessica of Jessica Pi Productions, visit www.theblisscollection.com


Hope you enjoy it!


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