2010 Trends

by Myrna 17. January 2010 16:22

Back from the Special Event conference with some new and exciting ideas for your upcoming weddings. According to the trend setters in New York and California

_Turquoise is the PAntone color for the year

- Tangerine and cobalt will be seen as another new color palette this wedding season

- An all white wedding party; "an upscale estate" style which will look simply elegant in photos

- Bright colorful shoes under the wedding gown...bright reds and blues take the lead

- Vegetable centerpieces...tomatoes too?

- Multiple  wedding cakes that are small and placed on various cute cake stands

- and,last but not least, the retro birdcage veil is back allowing for an unobscured view of the gown's neckline and back


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