Keep it simple

by Myrna 22. January 2010 23:12

Last night after the rehearsal for today's wedding, my bride said the perfect word...she said she was so glad because she kept the wedding"simple".

We were in a small church that had it's own ambiance. The window sills were adorned with glass hurricane globes; they were beautifully lit. At first she was going to put silver ribbon around them but did not have time to do so. When she looked at them a second time, she realized they did not need any more decoration because they were giving off a beautiful romantic glow just as they were.

Today at the reception, we are again keeping things simple.  The day is about the bride and groom, not about how much "stuff" is adorning the room or the tables. The tables will be set with beautiful and  colorful floral arrangemnts making the tablescape pop; enough pizazz! The  favors are taking a dual role as they are also the seating cards; these are special because they are little cakes individually wrapped by the bride. Each one has 2 little flags denoting the bride and groom's ancestory. This simple little touch is what makes this day is all about the couple!

So when planning your wedding, keep in mind it is not about how much you spend or how much "stuff" is in the room or on the tables.  It is what makes you two as a couple unique; personalize your day, but keep it simple!


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