Read Your Contracts

by Myrna 5. February 2010 10:01

 It is so important to read all of your wedding contracts.  This weekend I was to do a wedding at a hotel in DC. Due to the weather predictions, my couple and I sat down on Wednesday to review all options in the contracts just in case the snow was to become an issue.  Sure enough, it has become an issue, but because we were on top of things, it was easy to postpone the wedding by enforcing a clause called 'Force Majeure'.  Although it is a very sad and disappointing time for my clients, they at least have not lost any monies and can look forward to a spring wedding when the weather will not be an issue to ensure their guests a safe and pleasant day.

Lesson learned, if planning a winter wedding, keep in mind the weather is so unpredictable..who would have thought we could get another 12 to 24 inches of snow, and remember, if you are not using a planner to assist, please read and be familiar with your rights and options in every contract you sign.

 enjoy the snow!



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