Wedding Insurance

by Myrna 11. February 2010 08:47

Thank goodness the snow is finally behind us, for now.  I hope you all have kept safe and warm during these last two snow events.

While I had some time without seeing clients this past week, my thoughts rolled over to the topic of wedding insurance.  It is a relatively new idea in the industry, but I do believe that for certain instances , it would be something very important to have.  Case in point, this last storm when so many events had to be canceled and/or postponed. Wedding insurance not only covers the bride and groom, but can also cover the parents of each and some airline flights.

When you have a moment, do some research.  There are several companies that offer wedding insurance, but I would suggest checking out a site at .  This is a company that some of my couples have used. It is better to be safe, than sorry!


Happy Planning..



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