Spring Weddings

by Myrna 14. May 2010 01:48

Our weddings for April and May have been keeping us busy here at For All Occasions.  Each one is so different and has represented our couple's style and who they are as people.  They have been fun, understated in some cases, and elegant. That is what makes planning a wedding so interesting!  Make it your own.  Weddings do not have to be cookie cutter look alikes...be creative, think about who you are and what makes you as a couple unique.  Display your creativity whether it be in a centerpiece, in a different way to display seating cards, or in your music style.  No matter what the budget, you can have affordable ideas that will make your wedding a WOW! Don't be afraid to step out of the box, and if you cannot get your creative juices flowing, remember to ask for help from your bridal party, family, or hire a consultant.


Happy Planning!

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