Thank You Note Etiquette

by Myrna 10. November 2010 12:35

With  social media being in the forefront of everyone's existence today, I am afraid that many people have forgotten how to write a thank you note!  Yes, a hand-written thank you note for any occasion, not just for a wedding gift, is still the right thing to do. 

A thank you note should always be sincere, and lets the recipient know you truly appreciated their kind gesture.  Thank you notes should be written soon after you are given the gift, and should be sent no longer than three months after the gift has been received.

Writing thank you notes can be fun and do not need to be lengthy.  Be sure, however, not to mention you might need to return the gift, or that it is a duplicate of someone elses gift.

Be sure in your note to let the recipient know who is thanking them, mention the gift and let the person know how much you appreciated their generous and thoughtful gesture. Many couples like to use personalized stationery when writing their notes, but there are many casual, fun papers to choose from that may reflect your personal style. 

Sharing the responsibility of writing the notes, if it is a wedding gift, can take pressure off of the one individual and alas the notes are done that much quicker.

Also remember, if someone hosts a shower or a party for you whatever the occasion, thank that person with a special note as well.

Make it personal and the recipient will feel like they have received the perfect gift in return!


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