Are You Recently Engaged?

by 4. January 2011 07:55

 Holiday time is always a good time for people in love to get engaged.  Were you one of the lucky ones this year?  If so, congratulations!!!! 

Now that you have digested the fact that you are going to be married to this wonderful person, how do you go about the process of planning a wedding?

What a good question, and so many more will be popping into your heads right about now.  What about a budget?  Do we want a large or small wedding?  Where will be the perfect place for us?

This is where we at For All Occasions can provide expertise in assisting you through the crazy maize of the wedding industry.  You can ask friends and relatives for suggestions and help, but when using a vetted professional, everything is not a tedious chore; things are made simple so you can enjoy the planning process and get results that will make you happy.  We can assist in helping create your budget, suggest venues based on your needs and likes, all the way to assisting in the complete wedding planning, or coordinating all the details you plan.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life.  When you are ready to begin the planning, check us out..we are always here to guide you towards your very special day.


Happy Planning!

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