Royalty Trends

by 16. April 2011 02:45


With the Royal Wedding just 13 days away, all the talk is about how this wedding will infulence wedding trends across the globe.  One thing is for sure, everyone will be tuned in on April 29th to view this grand event.

 Bridal fashion week just took place, and the top designers were following some of the trends found in the UK as a result of what is being expected in style of the royal wedding gown. Sleeves of everykind are back again on the new line of gowns.  Some gowns are very sleek and stream-line, but most will be  huge ball gowns worn with very long trains.  Everything about wedding attire will say grandeur.

Bridal parties may consist of younger friends and family members to follow suit, and you can be sure that whatever is seen being done on April 29th, may become our next wedding trend.  Stay tuned!


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