Club Bands are In

by Myrna 26. May 2011 08:08

 If you want your reception to be a fun party, but not so traditional, many couples are now hiring club bands, not necessarily wedding bands.  They tend to be smaller in number of musicians, maybe 3 or 4, but will still play the traditional renditions to meet the needs of the first dance, and father/daughter dance. The musicians are not dressed in suits or tuxedos, but in casual clothing most times, just as if they were playing at the club.  When it comes to the party time of the evening, the music can be any genre  and  the dance floor is always jammed with happy guests no matter how loud the music.

If you need some suggestions about trying out one of these type of bands for your wedding, give us a holler at or call us at 703-222-5912.  We would be most happy to share our knowledge so you can have a rocking evening!

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