To Gift - Or Not To Gift??

by Jackie 26. May 2011 06:25

As soon as a ring is bought and the question is asked, everyone wants to celebrate by throwing a party. From Engagement parties to Showers to the actual Wedding, it can be a little confusing when it comes to gifting. Whether you are the newly engaged couple or find yourself attending any one of a number of pre-wedding celebrations, here are a few gift suggestions.

Did you know that engagement parties were orginally planned by the couple to surprise close friends and family about their engagement? Now many couples choose not to have engagement parties for one reason or another. Should you find yourself hosting or attending an engagement party, don't feel obligated to bring a gift. These are more of an excuse for everyone to get together and celebrate the couple in a casual environment. If you are the newly engaged couple and you happen to get a gift, it should be opened after the party, in private, rather than in front of everyone attending.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are planned by the couple's respective attendants. No gifts are given during these parties, but those who attend usually pitch in so that the future bride or groom don't have to pay for anything that day. 

Bridal showers can be hosted by anyone. If the bride and groom are from two different towns or states, then a lot of times there will be more than one shower. Guests to a shower will bring a gift, though it won't be something as elaborate or costly as a wedding gift. If you've gotten a shower invite and can't attend, make sure to send well wishes to the couple along with your RSVP. Purchasing a gift is not necessary if you aren't attending the event.


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