Rain Plan = Good Idea

by Jackie 28. June 2011 18:23

The weather in this area is sletchy enough as it is...throw in an outdoor ceremony and/or reception and you've put yourself "behind the eight ball" - so to speak. Make sure you aren't caught in the rain without shelter by having a Rain Plan. We have seen outdoor weddings done in a variety of different ways. The common demoninator is that all of them have had a Rain Plan.

During the months of May-September, the weather in our area can range from 100 degrees with 100% humidy (at least it feels that way) to rain that seems to be falling sideways! At one of our weddings - a number of years ago - the bride and groom, thankfully, chose to rent a tent which housed their reception dinner and dancing. The weather report said it would be 90 and sunny with no rain in sight...which was wrong in the end! The reception began with clear skies and a nice breeze. It was so nice that the new couple asked for the sides to be taken off of the tent. Staff at the vineyard were able to remove 3 sides of the tent but we decided to keep one up to block some of the sun coming into the main part of the tent. Unfortunately, just as quickly as the sides were takne down, the weather seemed to turn ugly. By the time dancing began, the rain had already begun coming down...and 3 songs into the first dance set the rain was falling...hard...and sideways!!

Try as we might, there was no way those tent sides were going back up. Thankfully the dance floor was in the center of the tent and none of the guests had a care in the world. No one really noticed the rain and the party continued on as planned. Had there been NO tent, though, the party would have been cut short and everyone would have had to go home early. The vineyard had no other facility to accommodate the number of guests had there not been a tent set-up.

Tents are a must have for any outdoor reception in the DC metro area for this time of year. If you need vendors who specialize in tent rentals, call us here at FAO Events at 703.222.5912 so you don't have to ask one of your guests if you can stand under their um-ber-ella, ella, ella... We can't wait to hear from you! 


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