The Perfect Table

by Myrna 20. July 2011 01:50



A beautiful table enhances any party, so it is important that the correct linens are adorning the table.  There are many fabrics and patterns that make huge differences in the look of the table and how the overall room turns out.  One of the main things to remember when having a party, is to have the correct size linen on the table.
The following chart is a guideline for you in picking linens, should you not have a professional assisting you.

80"x80"36"-60" Table
90"x90"48"-72" Table
96"36" Table
108"48" Table
120"60" Table
120"Stand Up Cocktails
132"66"-72" Table
72"x120"6'Table, Front & Sides
90"x132"6'Table, To The Floor

Remember to  also think about the texture of the cloth fitting the season, and the theme of the party. Add the perfect linen napkin, perhaps a chair caplet, a beautiful centerpiece, some votives to the table, and voila, the perfect table!

Have fun when picking your style party and tablescape.  For more information or assistance call us here at For All Occasions Events(FAO Events) 703-222-5912

Myrna Hyman, CWS



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