New Wedding Traditions

by Myrna 8. August 2011 11:54

 Traditions should be incorporated into your wedding in some shape or fashion. However, it is always nice to create your version of "new traditions".

 A favorite idea for those brides who are marrying for a 2nd time : Families are now being blended and the total amount of children or grandchildren might be  too many for each person to have a role in the ceremony . Tryiing to figure out who should take part in the ceremony is difficult, so the solution is to have the bride walk down the aisle alone carrying an empty basket.  As she walks down the aisle each child or grandchild holds a flower which they place in the basket as she passes their seat.  When the bride reaches her groom at the altar, she now has a basket filled with not only flowers,  but with love from everyone in their new combined family.

At one recent wedding, the formal, traditional wedding photographs were taken before the ceremony, but the couple arranged for an artist to attend and sketch various scenes from the ceremony and reception.  Simple pen and ink versions of the wedding brought back wonderful memories, were given to the parents as gifts, and it  was also  a fun activity for guests at the wedding to witness.

 Whatever the "new tradition" is that you incorporate into your wedding, have fun with it and make it memorable.

Our team of experienced consultants can assist in helping you find or create the tradition or traditions that express what is important to you at your wedding.  Being creative and stepping out of the box, is what we at FAO Events like to do, so  call upon us at 703-222-5912 to collaborate on some good "traditional " ideas!

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