Green Wedding Ideas - Part I

by Jackie 9. September 2011 08:03
Jewelry: Diamonds in gold are great…really, they are…but you can never really be sure where your diamonds are coming from unless you mine them yourself. Want something different? How about wearing a WOODEN ring?! Yes, you read that correctly…WOOD rings! A couple in Canada – Touch Wood Rings - makes custom wood rings. They don’t have rings in stock and each piece is done to meet the customers’ specifications. You can wear something like THIS black walnut piece with blue lapis…or THIS braided birch bark ring. They truly are works of art for your finger.

Flowers: A new trend we are seeing in the wedding world is bride’s choosing to plant their own bulbs, which will be ready to cut by the time their wedding comes around. It is so great to be able to utilize your own green thumb to plant your own flowers. If you aren’t great in the garden, then you should consider buying from a farmer’s market vendor. A lot of times, vendors can try to tailor their flowers for your needs.

Favors: Are you and your fiancé nature lovers? Then what better way to share your love of the outdoors – and each other – than to give your guests their own seedling to plant! The Arbor Day Foundation has a special section of their website dedicated to providing tree favors to any couple so inclined to give them out. The gift of a tree is a wonderful addition for the health of our environment and something that will last a lifetime.

The team at FAO Events has an arsenal of ideas to help with your eco-friendly wedding planning - call us at 703.222.5912 to discuss your ideas!

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