Flower Meanings

by Myrna 12. September 2011 05:41

Flowers and their Meanings


As a planner I am often asked about different aspects of the necessary items needed for the wedding.  One of these is the flowers that might make up a bouquet or a centerpiece. The flowers add the beauty and set the mood for the room décor in many instances, and I always recommend using a professional floral designer to assist with this aspect of the wedding.


The following are some of the meanings of the different flowers that might be a part of the wedding day:


Rose -Red meaning love, simplicity, and happiness


Roses red and white meaning unity


Iris meaning good news and inspiration


Bells of Ireland meaning luck


Forget Me Not meaning true love


Pink Carnation meaning a mother’s love and gratitude


Hydrangea meaning perseverance


Violet meaning faithfulness


Lily meaning birth and hope


Ranunculus meaning radiant


Yellow Tulip meaning hopelessly in love


Poppy meaning pleasure


You now are on your way to being a bit more educated before meeting with your floral designer.  Have fun designing your bouquets and centerpieces!


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