Fun Wedding Facts

by Myrna 27. October 2011 00:36

Do you know the origins of some wedding traditions?  Most couples do not, so today, I thought it would be fun to share some of them.


To "wed" the word "wed" came from the ancient Greek word for "pledge"

Wedding dresses were worn in an array of colors.  White dresses only became popular about 150 years ago!

Veils- The veil was once a symbol of obedience and submissiveness

Rings- Why is the wedding ring placed on the third finger of your left hand?  Ancient Greeks believed that a vein in this finger went directly to the heart.

 The Wedding Cake- During Roman times, wedding guests threw cake crumbs at the bride and groom to bless them with fertility.  The cakes were either biscuits or scones actually made by the guests, and they were stacked during the wedding.  Much later on, a French baker used the "piled high" concept to create the decorated multi-tiered cake.

Last but not least, Where does the bride stand during the ceremony?  The bride stood to the left of the groom so that his right hand was free to draw his sword to fend off and "bad guys" who crashed the ceremony.

So, with these fun facts now part of your wedding knowledge, have fun planning your special day.  For more assistance on how to have a fun wedding, call us at For All Occasions!

Happy Plannng....



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