A Wonderful Bridesmaid's Gift

by Myrna 22. February 2012 09:45


Here is a great idea for those of you who want a different type of gift to say thank you to your bridal party...


According to Brides magazine, the cost of being a bridesmaid in 2012 can really add up! Your selected girls often spend over $1000 in order to purchase a dress and shoes, have proper alterations, have professional hair styling and makeup application application, contribute toward showers and bachelorette parties, and buy gifts.
It is important for a bride to keep in mind that bridesmaids absolutely deserve many thanks! But, of course, not all brides can afford pricey thank you gifts for the girls.
One gift idea that I absolutely love actually serves two purposes. Monogrammed vases will provide your cherished maids a convenient place to put their beautiful bouquets during the wedding reception (thus enhancing your wedding reception decor), and they serve as lovely gifts.
Some brides place the vases around the wedding cake for a dramatic floral display, while others simply place them at the gift table or on the head table. In any location, this idea allows brides to get just a bit more mileage out of the flowers, while the bridesmaids receive a gift that they can actually use!
If giving your girls monogrammed vases does not seem like quite enough, you could, of course, add other gifts. I love the idea of just giving the vases, waiting a week or two, then sending the girls thank-you flowers to display in the vases! They will feel appreciated and surprised at this thoughtful gesture.


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