Welcome Baskets

by Myrna 7. March 2012 18:01
Many of your wedding guests will most likely need to travel a bit to attend your celebration. If this is the case, it is a hospitable gesture to welcome them and thank them by placing a welcome basket in their hotel room (or personally deliver it if you have time)!
The contents of the basket are entirely up to you, but here are a few fun ideas:
A personal note welcoming the guests to your town is a must! Be sure it is hand-written.
Some bottled water and light snacks will be appreciated by tired travelers. Perhaps choose foods that are unique to your local area!
If you are a fabulous baker, feel free to include a few homemade cookies or muffins!
If you wish, a bottle of local wine could be included!
Maps and brochures from the surrounding area will help your guests to plan and enjoy their free time! Feel free to attach hand written notes offering advice!
Tickets to a local event or activity (even if they are just complimentary passes) will inspire your guests to explore the area a bit!

Welcome baskets do not have to be lavish and expensive! They are simply a way to let your guests know that you greatly appreciate the time and effort it took them to attend your wedding.


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