The Wedding Toast

by Myrna 25. March 2012 03:28


 Many of my couples ask about the wedding toast.  Here are a few quick pointers for you


A Guide to Writing Wedding Toasts

 You have been asked by the bride to give a toast at her wedding, and you are completely perplexed about what to do. You don’t want your toast to be ordinary, but you want to be sure you are following the established rules of etiquette. What to do?

Just follow this formula, and your toast will be both appropriate and spectacular.

1.     1.  Thank guests for coming and express your gratitude for being selected to speak. You can never go wrong by being gracious!

2.      2. Mention the emotional significance of the event and that you could not be more excited that the bride and groom have decided to spend their lives together.

3.     3.  An appropriate story or reminiscence about the bride and groom meeting or the moment when you realized they were made for each other is always touching. Be sure the story is one that everyone will appreciate, though.

4.      4. A fun story that explains your relationship to the bride can also be entertaining, but be sure it has a purpose. For example if you were childhood friends who both loved princesses and fairy tales, you could tie this in to a reference to the bride finding her prince and living “happily ever after”.

5.      5. Emphasize how much the bride means to you and offer the couple best wishes for a happy life together. Keep it short.  remember, it is a taost, not a roast!

6.      6. Complete your toast with “Cheers!”

7.   Enjoy the compliments for giving a fabulous toast.


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