Changing Your Name? It is Simple!

by Myrna 27. March 2012 05:32
Changing your name after your wedding is not hard these days, thanks to the genius of one bride who decided to make it simpler..Meet Danielle Tate founder of
The idea for came as a direct result of founder Danielle Tate’s personal name change experience. After making several trips to government offices in pinching platform heels 
 and suffering a nearly buckled back from standing in a two-hour line, completing outdated forms, and driving from office to office, the frustrated and exhausted, new bride decided that was enough and she set out to make the name-changing process simpler.
The creative newlywed set out to create a name change service that would simplify the entire process for new brides nationwide! turns a grueling 13- hour experience into a wrinkle-free, 30- minute, three steps. Since 2006, has helped
nearly 100,000 brides nationwide and Danielle has bloomed her frustration into a multi-million dollar empire.
She has personally researched the name change procedure for each state and has broken it into three easy steps: Questions, Forms & File.
Your account will guide you through all three steps in 30 minutes, saving you the approximate 13 hours associated with struggling through name change form research and completion on your own. is more than a website, it is a group of experts devoted to making your name change process a breeze. They make sure that your forms and filing instructions are the most up-to-date versions available. Consider them your name change fairy godmothers!


Thanks, Danielle for making this process so much easier for brides all across the country!  For more information call us at FAO Events.






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