Thank You Notes

by Myrna 17. April 2012 06:19




Ah, thank-you notes! Etiquette demands that they must be written. Oh, and you should also probably include a wedding photo in each note as well.
Why not do something adorably trendy and create thank you notes from a special "thank you" photograph from your wedding day?
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If done correctly, this super-cute trend can serve as the perfect "last task" following your celebration.
The trick is to work with your photographer ahead of time to design the look (in terms of the pose, the type of signage, and setting) of the thank-you note.
Be sure the photographer is able to prepare ahead and provide the exact style of signage you prefer. Handmade posters created at the last minute are NOT the goal here!
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Try to go with a thank you sign that pays tribute to your wedding's look or theme. The retro chalkboard signs (above) are perfect for a funky, quirky wedding, while the festive, fanciful cutout letters provide a more traditional vibe.
Take the time to really pre-plan this picture, and your thank you notes will be just as fabulous as your big day was!


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