Wedding Trends for 2013

by Myrna 18. February 2013 04:51

So glad to be back and excited as high wedding season is approaching. Each  year weddings take place and many new ideas or trends pop up.  New ideas in wedding decor, invitations etc. are great, but do not be confused; tradition never gets replaced.  If you want a traditional wedding incorporating traditional elements there is nothing wrong with that!

For 2013 as you may have heard, emerald green is the go-to color. You may find this color to be a bit too colorful or strking for your taste, but little bits of it within the flowers or accessories can really be pretty.If you are a bit more daring, there are some beautiful dresses being shown for bridesmaids in the emerald green.While white and ivory remain favorites for wedding gowns, they  are being shown in colors, and touches of color are still popular in the shoes.  Of course, the floral decor carries the color scheme throughout the wedding.

Personalized weddings continue to be important to couples who are looking to include elements that have personal meaning to them. Their ceremonies and receptions can reflect multi-cultural  or inter-faith statements. Entertainment often reflects the cultural backgrounds of the couple and the use of monograms on their invitation or paper trousseau are still being used to reflect their heritage or their first names.

The internet plays an important role in wedding planning these days. High tech access is used for vendor selections, information sharing, gift registires, guest information and communications between wedding party members to name a few. Although some think that emailing invitations or replies is okay, it truly is not the correct or classy thing to do.

Look for 2013 to be the year where there are more weddings with different touches that step out of the box and possibly more casual venues being used. Stay tuned for more ideas.

Happy Planning!



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